Life is a verb, not a noun!  

Second year exam of my education at KADK (June 2018). 

This project is about perfection as a concept. It was inspired by sports wear and a French coquette attitude.  

It became quite a personal project, because I used my own relationship to my body as a way to communicate my message about the disillusionment of perfectionism. I haven’t had the best relationship with my body (I’m still working on improving that) , so I found it fitting to use a part of my story in this setting.  

In my process of developing the design for this collection, I used the silhouettes from an acroyoga sequence that I made with my boyfriend. In the video, I read a letter I wrote to my body, depicting that relationship.  You can see the video below.

The title is a quote from a podcast with Sam Harris, talking about perfection. He is a philosopher and neuroscientist and his take on perfection was very inspiring.  

To me, perfection can be such a prison. It is so finite and ultimate. Imperfection disturbs and scares me as well, but it’s also  a huge relief to embrace the state of imperfection. It is something I want to be better at. 

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Photo credit: Linnea Skov Jensen

Model Credit: Mette Thygesdatter Pedersen & Alice Delsenne