STEPZ costumes 2019

Winter 2019 I began working at Stepz dance studio making their show-costumes in collaboration with Helen Dohlmann, owner of the studio.

EXIT 2019

These are the dancers at the Stepz-education performing their final show. The costumes are made from old sports wear, curtains and fabric & ribbon scraps. The costumes have a bohemian burlesque yet sporty vibe. The long ribbons, volants and circular attachments create a lot of drama when moving.


Eliteskolen 2019

These are the younger dancers also showing their talents at the EXIT performance. The costumes are made from old denim jeans and military tank tops mixed with the red bonnets and amish hairstyle. I wanted the costumes to be a parody on “The american dream” by mixing symbols like “The wife beater” and the red bonnet.