This project is a with Malene Birger and Reebok. Ihave collaborated with Elin Berlin and Sofie Bonde Lenau in this project. The brand By Malene Birger is represented by Malene, a female character embodying the qualities of the brand. She is hard working and successful, curious about life, travels a lot, has a lovely husband and children, she is always ready to party and, on top of it all, she takes time to rest and relax. Shortly, she is an idealized woman who does it all perfectly. We were provoked by this idealized image because it sends an overly demanding message to modern women. Who is really able to do all those things and never get drained?

Therefore, we chose to challenge this conception. We wished to put Malene the character out of her comfort zone, into a context that could both challenge her and let her loose. We chose to place her in a universe of Street Car Racing, which occurs in the industrial neighborhood Nordhavn. Street Racing has aesthetic codes such as shining and glittering surfaces, leather seatcovers, metal, polish and above all speed. Overall the expression is pimped. 

We found it interesting that Malene Birgers aesthetic universe has many of these qualities in common with the Street Racing world. Malene the character dresses up herself for every occasion, just like the Street Racers pimps up their cars for every race. But still, she does not fit in to this raw and anarchistic setting, and although it might be absurd to imagine her in that context, it’s not more absurd than believing the idealized image of the modern woman, which she symbolizes. 

With this collection, Ree/U/Night we challenge Malene to set herself free, break some rules and do something unexpected - be something unexpected.